September 2, 2021


of continued disappearance of Mr. Mudassar Mehmood Naaru,
the known Journalist.

Mr. Khush Dil Khan, Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council, has expressed his grave concern on the continued disappearance of Mr. Mudassar Mehmood Naaru, the known Journalist and Poet, since 20-08-2018. It is a matter of great disappointment that initially the Police refused to register the FIR of his abduction and later on despite filing of the Petition by his Father with the Commission for the Enquiry of Enforced Disappearances, in October, 2018, the matter is still under investigation without any tangible result. It is pity that a period of long three years has elapsed but his family is still unaware about his whereabouts, well-being and safety of life which is the cause of constant pain, agony and mental torture for his family members. His wife has also been passed away during struggle for recovery of his husband and left three years minor Son.

The learned Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council, demanded from the Federal Government as well as Provincial Governments and other State Institutions to ensure immediate recovery and release of Mr. Mudassar Mehmood Naaru, for his safe return back to his home, and if he is found guilty of any criminal act, he must be presented before Court of Law.