March 31, 2023




Mr. Haroon-ur-Rashid, Vice-Chairman and Mr. Hassan Raza Pasha, Chairman, Executive Committee of the Pakistan Bar Council, have expressed that they are very perturbed and disturbed over the current situation, the Judiciary is the third pillar of a State, Supreme Court is a Constitutional Institution and the apex Court of the land and difference between the Hon’ble Judges are not good for this Institution. They desired that Full Court meeting of the Supreme Court be called and all internal issues should be resolved in that meeting. They said that Pakistan Bar Council time and again requested that in all Political issues/cases Full Court should be constituted to avoid any criticism upon Supreme Court and its Judges and that would also uphold the image of the apex Court in public.


They further reiterated their earlier stance that in the present situation, the Pakistan Bar Council is ready to call/arrange All Parties Conference to reconcile differences/disputes through dialogue including Election issue. They requested to all the political parties to step down to create harmony and consensus on all the issues and to reduce hype going on for the sake of Country and public because Country cannot afford to further linger on the prevailing tensions amongst political parties.