October 6, 2021


Mr. Khush Dil Khan, Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council has strongly condemned the incident of police brutality against young Doctors, when they were peacefully protesting, yesterday, outside office of Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), Islamabad, for their legitimate right. He further said that the peaceful protest is the fundamental right of every citizen.

The Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council, while strongly criticizing the perpetual accesses of police against young Doctors, not only has termed the shameful incident as a naked abuse of the right of Doctors to peaceful life but also as grave violation of the police discipline and duty. The use of brutal force and behavior of Islamabad Police against the innocent young Doctors, who always work for humanity, is highly condemnable and so warrants immediate severe action against the responsible Police officials. He has, therefore, demanded from the high Police Officials to take immediate stern action against culprits, and award them exemplary punishment.