May 27, 2021



Mr. Khush Dil Khan, Vice-Chairman and Mr. Muhammad Faheem Wali, Chairman, Executive Committee of the Pakistan Bar Council, have strongly condemned the Government’s nefarious decision and act to file a “curative review petition” to challenge the judgment dated 26-04-2021 of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan, passed in review petition of Hon’ble Justice Qazi Faez Isa case which has been returned by the Registrar office with valid objections.

While expressing their grave concerns on this move of the Federal Government which is being based on ulterior motives, apparently aimed to target and suppress the independent judiciary, they said that such a move will be opposed by the legal fraternity with full force. The Council always had strived for the principles of supremacy of the Constitution, the Rule of Law & the independence of Judiciary, as enshrined in the Constitution and will continue to do so and will not permit the Government to succeed in their nefarious designs to target the independent Judiciary.

As the role, conduct and activities of the President, Prime Minister and the Federal Law Minister are aimed to undermine the independence of Judiciary and continuity of democratic process of Government as per the Constitution, is against the national interest thus earning bad name for the incumbent Government, the Pakistan Bar Council, therefore, urged upon the Federal Government to refrain from filing second and subsequent review petition against the Judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan in review petition of Hon’ble Justice Qazi Faez Isa case, otherwise the legal fraternity will oppose it tooth and nail and even will not hesitate to launch country-wide agitation against the Government.