April 01 , 2022


Mr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman Chaudhry, Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council, in a statement, has apprehended that the current political dilemma and ongoing rift between treasury and opposition benches amid No Confidence Motion can pave a way for non political forces and democratic irritants can take advantage of the already fragile political situation so as to derail the prevailing democratic setup. He also apprehended that novice treasury benches are trying to delay the Constitutional process of No Confidence Motion, on flimsy pretexts, most likely on the behest of democratic irritants, which, God forbid, can put the Country in irrecoverable situation.

Owing to this grave situation where the entire state machinery is in stand-still position, the Vice Chairman, has called upon the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice so as to ensure that the democratic process of No Confidence Motion, irrespective of its result, be completed, in true spirit, as provided in Constitution, in order to ensure the supremacy of the Constitution, rule of law and in best interest of democratic and Constitutional norms.

Acting Secretary
Pakistan Bar Council