January 23, 2024



Statement of Mr. Riazat Ali Sahar, Vice-Chairman and  

Mr. Farooq Hamid Naek, Chairman, Executive Committee,

 Pakistan Bar Council.


  • The Vice Chairman and Chairman, Executive Committee of the Pakistan Bar Council has emphasized that this forum serves as the custodian of the legal fraternity, a vital pillar of the country;


  • Undoubtedly, the court judgments can be discussed and criticized but we cannot afford criticism over sitting judges of the Supreme Court while discussing their wisdom and way of handling the matters. Such a trend will undermine the institutions, and we cannot compromise on the issue of stability of our institutions;


  • No doubt, the level playing field without any discrimination for all political parties in ongoing elections is their fundamental right which is integral part of the beauty of democracy, no political party should be deprived from such right. However all political activities should be within the ambit and purview of Law and Constitution;


  • We demand from Election Commission of Pakistan and all stakeholders that elections should be conducted on 8th February, 2024, in adherence to the Supreme Court’s verdict and transparency in true sense;


  • The stakeholders and law enforcement agencies are required to ensure the security and maintain law and order during course of election process, more particularly on polling day, preventing any illegal, or undesirable activity at polling stations nationwide;


  • Given the current challenging, economic and political conditions in Pakistan, there is a plea to avoid further turmoil and learn from past experiences for the collective well-being of the nation;


  • We demand from Ministry of Law and justice, government of Pakistan to provide annual funds to all Bar Associations without any discrimination.