January 22, 2024




The 241st meeting of the Pakistan Bar Council, was held today at 02:00 p.m., in Council’s Office, Supreme Court Building, Islamabad, with Mr. Mansoor Usman Awan, Attorney-General for Pakistan and Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council in the Chair.


  1. The Pakistan Bar Council apart from transacting other business on its Agenda, has elected, un-opposed, Mr. Riazat Ali Sahar as its Vice-Chairman and Mr. Farooq Hamid Naek as Chairman, Executive Committee for the year 2024-2025.


The Council also appreciated Mr. Haroon-ur-Rashid and Mr. Hassan Raza Pasha, the outgoing Vice-Chairman and Chairman, Executive Committee for leading the Council with dignity and honour during last one year.


  1. The Council reiterated that the Rules of Judicial Commission of Pakistan be re-framed at the earliest for laying down the criteria for elevation of Judges to the Superior Courts.


  1. The Council also reiterated role of Bench and Bar to strengthen the Rule of Law and to highlights problems of litigants, and demanded from the Supreme Court that ordinary cases should also be fixed on priority basis like cases of political matters, because they are also too important.


  1. The Council also demands that all political parties and their workers should avoid from character assassination of Hon’ble Judges of Superior Judiciary, they should comment only on Judgment not on Judges to save the Honour and prestige of the Supreme Court.


  1. The Pakistan Bar Council and the entire legal fraternity believes in the supremacy of the Constitution, Rule of law, independence of Judiciary as well as democracy and civil authority through democratic process, and this goal could be achieved by holding free, fair and transparent elections.