January 18, 2024






Mr. Haroon-ur-Rashid, Vice-Chairman, Mr. Hassan Raza Pasha, Chairman, Executive Committee of the Pakistan Bar Council have strongly condemned the incident of firing took place yesterday in the premises of District and Session Courts, Islamabad, when a lawyer of Islamabad Bar was going to judicial lockups to meet his client and Police started scuffling and firing on lawyers. They said that the Pakistan Bar Council cannot turn a blind eye on such like illegal acts of the Police against Advocates and that too firing on lawyers in court premises.


They expressed their deep concerns upon said incident and demanded from the I. G., Islamabad Police to investigate the matter and immediately arrest culprits of the said incident and award them exemplary punishment. They have also urged upon that Government should provide security to Advocates in and outside courts premises and take immediate measures to stop such like incidents in future.