February  3, 2020





Mr. Abid Saqi, Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council, has issued the following statement of condemnation:


“The decision of the Federal Government regarding filing of a Reference against Mr. Justice Waqar Ahmad Seth, Chief Justice, Peshawar High Court, for his having authored the verdict of the Special Court, convicting thereby General Parvez Musharraf, for subverting the Constitution, as reported in the Press, is a cause of grave concern  and so is strongly condemned.



The move of the Federal Government being based on ulterior motives aiming at to target and suppress the independent judiciary, will be opposed by the legal fraternity with full force.


The brave and historic verdict of the Special Court, authored by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Waqar Ahmad Seth, the first ever decision by our Judiciary, against a Military Dictator for his having subverted the Constitution, has been welcomed, appreciated and commended by the Nation as a whole particularly by the legal fraternity, as it has not only strengthened the principle of supremacy of the Constitution, the Rule of Law & the independence of  Judiciary but has also ensured continuity of the Democratic process of Government, as enshrined in the Constitution,



The Pakistan Bar Council and the legal fraternity, which have always strived for the aforementioned objectives, will continue to do so and will not permit the Government to succeed in its nefarious motives to target the independent Judiciary. The Government is, therefore, urged upon the Federal Government to refrain from filing any Reference against Mr. Justice Waqar Ahmad Seth otherwise the legal fraternity will oppose it tooth and nail and even not hesitate to launch country-wide agitation against the Government.”