December 27, 2023





A Joint meeting of Vice-Chairmen, Chairmen, Executive Committees of Provincial/Islamabad Bar Councils and President & Secretary of Supreme Court Bar Association and Presidents of High Court Bar Associations was held today, the 27th December, 2023 at 11:00 a.m., in office of the Pakistan Bar Council, Supreme Court Building, Islamabad, with Mr. Hassan Raza Pasha, Chairman, Executive Committee, Pakistan Bar Council in the Chair.


The meeting considered the matter of implementation of Rule 175-H to       175-K of the Pakistan Legal Practitioners & Bar Councils Rules, 1976, regarding observance and adherence of “Code of conduct for contesting Election of Bar Associations”. The participants gave their proposals to make the rules more comprehensive which was considered and  it was unanimously resolved that it has become essential  to ensure implementation of these Rules in letter and spirit, therefore, all the contestant candidates, in the upcoming elections of Bar Associations of 2024-2025 should immediately be directed to observe the code of conduct, provided in Rule 175-H, in respect of ban on Lunch/Dinner/meal & Hi Tea etc. and no Panaflex/Banners/stickers would be displayed in  and outside Court premises. The Provincial/Islamabad Bar Councils shall issue letters to all Bar Associations and Chairman Election Board concerned with immediate effect to intimate the decisions of Joint meeting with clear direction to all candidates that they themselves remove their Banners, Posters, Panaflex within two days, otherwise the Chairman Election Board himself or upon receipt of complaint submitted by any Member of the Bar to pass an order to disqualify that candidate who did not bother to obey the directions issued by the Bar Councils, and in case of violation of any provision of said Rules by any contestant candidate or his/her supporter, then he shall be ready to face consequences provided under Rule 175-I (3), which may lead to his/her disqualification to contest election.


It was also resolved that all the Bar Councils shall ensure, the implementation of Rule 175-I, regarding nomination of Election Board of each and every Bar Association within 3 months after election. Presently none of the President of the Bar Association is implementing this Rule and Mr. Shahzad Shoukat, President, Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan decided to nominate Election Board for ensuing election within 3 months of his election.


They reiterated the legal fraternity of Pakistan unwavering support and stand in solidarity with the Baloch protesters sitting in front of National Press Club Islamabad and strongly condemned the violence against peaceful protesters by the Islamabad Police and unanimously decided that they will visit the camp and further demanded immediate release of all protesters arrested few days ago and to quash cases registered against them and their genuine demands should be fulfilled by the Government. They further added that they will provide free legal aid to all those who have been arrested by the law enforcement agencies.