December 19 , 2019


Syed Amjad Shah, Vice-Chairman and Mr. Sher Muhammad Khan, Chairman, Executive Committee, Pakistan Bar Council, have issued the following statement:-

“We strongly condemn and disapprove the statement of Director General, ISPR, who has criticized the Judgment of the Special Court whereunder the Ex-Chief of the Army Staff and Former President of Pakistan General ® Pervaiz Musharraf, has been convicted for violating Article 6 of the Constitution of Pakistan and committing high treason.

We are of the firm opinion that the statement of DG, ISPR is clear cut violation of the legal and constitutional provisions and thus amounts to contempt of the Court. If there are some flaws in the Judgment of Musharraf’s case, in the opinion of DG, ISPR, then the law has provided, procedure and proper course for agitating such flaws, if any, before the higher judicial forums by way of Appeal, Revision or Constitutional Petition but the manner and the way, in which, the Judgment of the Special Court has been criticized by an official of the Army clearly gives an impression that all the Institutions in Pakistan are subservient to the Armed Forces, to follow its dictation and there is no respect for any other forum including the Judiciary. The legal community is also of the view that the attitude adopted by the Federal Government, its Ministers, Law Officers and specially the Attorney-General for Pakistan, is also proves that the Party in power has been installed by the Army and its Institution is on the driving seat and that’s why they are also criticizing the Judgment in the same tune and tenor.

We, therefore, strongly condemn and disapprove the insulting attitude of the Army Official as well as the Government functionaries towards Judiciary and the constitutional process of dispensation of justice.”