May 19, 2020


Mr. Abid Saqi, Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council, has issued the following Statement:-

“The Yesterday’s Order passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court setting aside the Government decision to close markets and business centers and requiring the Federal as well as Provincial Governments to allow immediate opening of all the shops, markets and shopping malls throughout the week without any restriction of timing is appreciable as that may ensure the earning of livelihood by trading class and the work force of hundreds and thousands of people attached therewith.

However, in line with the spirit of the said Order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, it is desirable that all the Courts in the Country should start their normal functioning and resume hearing of normal and routine cases also. The Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chief Justices of all the High Courts are, therefore, requested to pass appropriate Orders for immediate reopening of all the Courts at different levels to start normal functioning and hearing of all the routine cases for safeguarding the valuable rights and interests of litigants which would also strengthen the system of dispensation of justice.”