January 19, 2022


A joint meeting of the Co-ordination Committee of the Pakistan Bar Council with Chairmen, Inter Provincial Coordination Committees of the Provincial/Islamabad Bar Council was held today at Islamabad under the Chairmanship of Mr. Hassan Raza Pasha, Chairman, Coordination Committee of the Pakistan Bar Council.

1. The participants of joint meeting considered the proposed “Lawyers Welfare and Protection Act, 2022” as it is expedient to make provision and laws in respect of Welfare and protection of Advocates who promote and defend the human rights and also struggle for rights of people and large number of lawyers have been targeted and despite their constant demand the Government has not provided protection to Advocates, therefore, this Act is very essential for welfare and to safeguard the rights of Advocates and it would be finalized in its next meeting and transmitted to the Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of Pakistan and Senate of Pakistan, for its approval.

2. They also considered the proposed uniform rules and policies for Benevolent Fund which the Provincial/Islamabad Bar Councils are charging from Advocates towards “Advocates Benevolent Fund” under different age slabs, since currently each Bar Council has its own Rules in respect of transfer of enrolment and benevolent fund of Advocates from one Bar Council to another, under which they charge different amount from Advocates and the Lawyers are facing difficulties due to lack of uniformity in Benevolent Fund Rules.

3. It was also unanimously decided that the image of legal fraternity across the Country has been much damaged and the representatives of Bar Councils decided that measures should be taken for up-left the image of learned Lawyers and legal profession and some concrete steps should also be taken by the regulatory authorities (Bar Councils) to appoint their spokesmen on permanent basis amongst its respective Members.