November    13  ,   2020






Mr. Abid Saqi, Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council while endorsing the demand of renowned senior columnist and T.V. Anchor Mr. Hamid Mir, has urged upon the Federal Government for making public, the Report of the Court of Inquiry regarding unfortunate Karachi incident of abduction of the Inspector General of Police, Sindh alongwith the complete disclosure of names of officials of different agencies against whom purported departmental action has been taken.


He emphasized that publication of the Report and names of delinquent Officials, that being in line with the right to information of the people, as enshrined under Article 19-A of the Constitution, will not only enhance confidence of the people in different Institutions but will also be a cause of deterrence for serving officials to remain within their lawful domain of  responsibilities while discharging official duties and not to indulge them in extra constitutional and illegal activities.