August 13, 2021



Mr. Khush Dil Khan, Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council, has expressed his serious reservations and concerns regarding move to nominate Hon’ble Justice Ayesha A. Malik, currently at serial No. 04 in seniority list of the Judges of Lahore High Court, for elevation to the Supreme Court by the Judicial Commission of Pakistan, in its ensuing meeting, while ignoring all the senior Judges of the Lahore High Court and Chief Justices & Senior Judges of other High Courts.

He further emphasized that such nominations would demoralize other Judges of the High Courts and would adversely affect their judicial work. This very fact is predominantly against the principle of seniority as laid down in Judges Case. He said that it is consistent stance of the legal fraternity that the Judicial Commission should follow the principle of seniority and the practice & desire to make a pick and choose should be stopped for elevation to the Supreme Court.