Mr. Abid Saqi, Vice Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council, has issued the following statement:-

“In view of alarming and day-to-day worsening situation on account of rapid spread of COVID-19, the concerns of students in respect of ‘on line classes’ intended to be started by different Universities and educational Instututions, and their following demands , being justified, are fully supported and the Government is urged upon to accept the same immediately:-

1- Suspend Online Classes till 31st May in all Universities and declare this time as semester break;

2- Provide Internet to all the areas where people do not have access to it;

3- Provide free 3G/4G internet to all the students so that they can be able to attend these classes if the crisis is prolonged;

4- Reduce fee by 70 percent for the Online Classes and reimburse 70 percent of the amount of fee that they have submitted already; and

5- Train teachers how to teach virtually according to the standards being followed globally,.”

11th April 2020