October 07, 2023






Mr. Haroon-ur-Rashid, Vice-Chairman and Mr. Hassan Raza Pasha, Chairman, Executive Committee of the Pakistan Bar Council appreciated the policy of present Government of Pakistan to expel all the illegal immigrants and to regulate all the foreign residents in Pakistan, irrespective of their nationality. They expressed that this decision is need of the day and was required to be taken at early stage to regulate all those foreigners who were living in Pakistan without any lawful authority, as the matter of fact Pakistani citizens severely faced terrorism and lost precious lives of hundreds & hundreds Pakistani citizens including the armed forces and valuable properties.


They further expressed that during Afghan war in the year 1979 and thereafter war imposed by USA in Afghanistan in the year 2001, the Pak Army played its vital role to help Afghan citizens, who in millions migrated to Pakistan since the year 1979 and the Pakistan Government and the entire nation always welcome and accommodated the Afghan refugees with open arms and provided them all the facilities i.e. food, health and accommodations etc. Furthermore, the UNHCR and International Agencies also played their role to facilitate the Afghan refugees in Pakistan and the entire world appreciated Pakistan’s hospitality towards them for more than four decades, but this is unfortunate that in spite of this fact Pakistani citizens and their properties always remain target by the refugees and the same situation is going on since 1979.


The Pakistan Bar Council and the entire legal fraternity have demanded the Government of Pakistan that all possible steps and measures should be taken for return of illegal Afghan refugees/nationals and others to their respective Countries in a safe, dignified and peaceful manners.