June 26, 2020


Having taken serious exception to malafide recommendation of NAB, Sukkur to the Chairman, NAB, for filing a Reference against Mr. Zia-ul-Hassan Lanjar, Senior Advocate, who is also a sitting Member & former Vice Chairman of the Sindh Bar Council, Mr. Abid Saqi, Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council, has strongly condemned the ill motivated move of Sukkur NAB authorities. It is ironical that the NAB has recommended filing of Reference against Mr. Lanjar in respect of his properties which are much below the limit of questionable value as per NAB SOP’s whereas its previous three similar recommendations pertaining to the same subject matter, were repeatedly rejected by the Executive Board of NAB.

It is the matter of grave concern that the ulterior move of the NAB authorities of Sukkur against Mr. Lanjar is aiming at to victimize him for his being affiliated with PPP. The Vice Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council, therefore, while strongly condemning the NAB authorities for their malafide move against Mr. Lanjar, has demanded of the Chairman, NAB to outrightly reject the same and also order immediate inquiry against responsible officials of NAB who are instrumental behind the nefarious move which has caused a bad name for NAB.