April 29, 2020


Statement issued by Mr. Abid Saqi,
Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council:-

“The Pakistan Bar Council takes strong exception to yesterday’s
(28-04-2020) defamatory statements of ex-cricketer Shoaib Akhtar made public through television channels and social media, against a senior member of the Bar Mr. Taffazul Rizvi, ASC. Mr. Rizvi is an eminent member of the Bar and is known for being an upright lawyer with impeccable integrity.

Shoaib Akhtar while commenting on the ban imposed against another cricketer under anti-corruption code, has falsely and without foundation, has raised accusations against Mr. Rizvi while he has been preforming his professional duties as a duly appointed Advocate for the PCB. It seems that Shoaib Akhtar lacks the capacity and competence to understand that an Advocate handles cases on instructions of the client and not on his own accord.

Therefore, any such attack on the integrity and reputation of an Advocate is tantamount to interfering with the legal profession which cannot be permitted by the Bar Council.

Media should also be careful that it should not allow itself to be used as a tool in the hands of an ex-cricketer against whom Mr. Rizvi has been appearing as Counsel on multiple occasions. Shoaib Akhtar should refrain from attempting to stop any Advocate from performing his duties, and his actions are culpable under various laws of Pakistan.”