June 23, 2020



Mr. Abid Saqi, Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council, has strongly condemned the incident of police brutality against innocent citizen and two young Lawyers namely Syed Ali Danyal Bukhari and Danyal Hamad-ur-Rehman Qureshi, when they were subjected to physical assault by Zafarullah Butt, ASI, in Dhoke Kashmirian area of Rawalpindi and then he forcibly took them to Police Station. It is highly condemnable that the Police despite the fact that the incident is viral in the social media and is in the public knowledge, did not take any action against responsible police officials rather it is trying to provide him shelter on false excuses. Although the FIR has been registered in the Police Station, Sadiqabad against the said ASI, but the same has been manipulated through shady language just to save the culprit ASI.

The Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council, while strongly criticizing the perpetual accesses of police against Advocates and the public at large, not only has termed the shameful incident as a naked abuse of the right of citizens to peaceful life but also as grave violation of the police discipline and duty. The use of brutal force and criminal behavior of Police against the innocent citizens specially the Lawyers, who are guardians of the Rule of Law, is most condemnable and so warrants immediate severe action against the responsible police officials. He has, therefore, demanded the high Police Officials to take immediate stern action against Mr. Zafarullah Butt, ASI, the main culprit, and awarding him exemplary punishment.