July 21, 2020


Mr. Abid Saqi, Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council, has issued the following Statement:-

“I strongly condemn the shocking and painful abduction of Mr. Mati Ullah Jan, the known Journalist, of Islamabad, by the Police, from outside the local School where he went to pick up her Wife. Mr. Mati Ullah Jan who always bluntly criticize the Government and its different organs for their ill-advised policies, has been targeted to silence his independent voice he often raises in the pubic interest. He, in fact, is being punished for his constant vocal stance on different important national issues which is never liked by the Government and its Agencies. The abduction of Mr. Mati Ullah Jan, is the blatant attack on the right and freedom of expression as guaranteed by the Constitution, just to suppress neutral and independent voices for the Rule of Law, Fair Play, the Constitutionalism and Democracy.

I, therefore, demand the concerned authorities for immediate release of Mr. Mati Ullah Jan, for ensuring his right of expression as a recognized Journalist and all those responsible of his abduction be brought to book awarding exemplary punishment to culprit.”