October 16, 2020


Mr. Azam Nazeer Tarar, Chairman, Executive Committee, Pakistan Bar Council, has condemned the Police and the District Administration for creating constant hurdles in holding of public meeting of PDM, scheduled to take place today evening at Gujranwala, as massive crackdown has been witnessed in different Districts in Punjab against political workers of component parties of PDM, specially those belonging to PML-N. So much so, raids are also being conducted at residences of political workers of opposition parties at different places to stop them from attending the meeting.

Terming such actions being taken by the Police and administration, as glaring violation of the constitutional provisions guaranteeing freedom of association, he has called upon the authorities concerned in the Government, to resist from resorting to unconstitutional and illegal actions just to impede holding the public meeting of opposition parties at Gujranwala, instead they should demonstrate neutrality in action. He also expressed that holding of public meetings is the basic legal right of the political parties which needs to be respected not only by the administration but also the party in power.

He, therefore, demanded of the Government to ensure, in the larger national interest, that no hurdle and impediment, whatsoever, is created by administration in holding of public meeting of the PDM.