December 05 , 2019


Condemnation of the incident of besieging of DAWN Offices.

Syed Amjad Shah, Vice-Chairman and Mr. Sher Muhammad Khan, Chairman, Executive Committee, Pakistan Bar Council, have strongly condemned the incident of besieging of offices of the DAWN at Islamabad and Karachi by unidentified people allegedly lodging protest against the DAWN upon publication of a new report regarding ethnicity of the London Bridge attacker, who killed two persons last week. The protestors not only chanted slogans against the administration of DAWN but also blocked the entrance and exit gates of its offices thus preventing the members of the management and the staff to enter and come out of the offices. It is pity that the administration has not, as yet, taken any punitive action against the protestors who while targeting the DAWN offices prevented its management and the staff from discharging their professional duties exercising their constitutional right of expression.

The Bar Leaders have also condemned the local administration for its inaction, against the culprits which amounts to encourage the negative forces in the society who are bent upon to threaten the free media from discharging their professional duties of dissemination of information to the public which if not checked and discouraged may also cause anarchy. They, while expressing solidarity with and full support to the management of the DAWN, in carrying out its neutral policy, through its print as well as electronic media wings, demanded of the Government to take necessary punitive action against the culprits and bring them to task and also to ensure that such like incidents are not repeated so that the national print and electronic media, should discharge their professional responsibilities without any fear and pressure.