December 28, 2020

The 230th meeting of the Pakistan Bar Council, was held today at 11:30 a.m. in Council’s Office, Supreme Court Building, Islamabad with Mr. Abid Saqi, Vice-Chairman, in the Chair. The attendance of the meeting was as under:-

(1) Mr. Abid Saqi . . . . . . Vice-Chairman In Chair
(2) Mr. Azam Nazeer Tarar . . . . . . Chairman Executive Committee
(3) Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Shaheen . . . . . . Member
(4) Mr. Abdul Fayaz . . . . . . Member
(5) Mr. Sher Muhammad Khan . . . . . . Member
(6) Syed Amjad Shah . . . . . . Member
(7) Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Bhoon . . . . . . Member
(8) Ch. Tahir Nasrullah Warraich . . . . . . Member
(9) Mr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman Chaudhry . . . . . . Member
(10) Syed Qalb-i-Hassan . . . . . . Member
(11) Malik Ghulam Mustafa Kandwal . . . . . . Member
(12) Mr. Muhammad Aqil . . . . . . Member
(13) Hafiz Muhammad Idris sheikh . . . . . . Member

2. The Pakistan Bar Council, apart from transacting other business of the Agenda, also took the following decisions:-

(1) Appointment of Judges to the Superior Courts:-

The Pakistan Bar Council while reiterating its earlier stance, for reformation of the process of appointment of really upright, competent honest, and professionally experienced persons, as Judges of the Superior Courts, after meaningful consultation with representatives of the Bar, appreciated the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan and other Members of the Judicial Commission of Pakistan, specially belonging to the Judiciary, for initiating, in the recent past, the process of meaningful consultation with Members of the Bar Councils and Bar Associations, in respect of future appointments to the superior Courts expecting also that in coming days the said process will be made a regular feature to take place ahead of making future appointments of Judges while also giving effect to proposals of the Pakistan Bar Council regarding amendments in the “Judicial Commission of Pakistan Rules, 2010”, which earlier were proposed by the Pakistan Bar Council way back in 2013.

(2) Independence of Judiciary:-

The Pakistan Bar Council reiterated its absolute and unambiguous long standing stance in respect of malafide Reference filed by the Government, against the Hon’ble Mr. Justice Qazi Faez Isa, which later on was also rightly rejected by the Hon’ble Supreme Court, and resolved to continue its struggle for the independence of the Judiciary and to oppose, tooth and nail, any onslaught of the Executive or other authorities which matter, against the Judiciary and its independent functioning while dispensing justice. The Council also expressed its grave concern upon the discriminatory and biased report of the Federal Board of Revenue, against the Wife and Children of the Hon’ble Mr. Justice Qazi Faez Isa, which it has filed in the Supreme Judicial Council, with ulterior motives aiming at to subdue the Judiciary, which deserves strongest condemnation. The Council warned the Executive authorities to refrain from resorting to such ulterior moves against Judges of the Superior Courts and their family members, otherwise the Lawyers will not hesitate to initiate a country-wide campaign and protest against the Government, to express its solidarity with and full support to the Judiciary.

(3) Bad Governance of the present Government and its creating hindrances in political activities.

The Pakistan Bar Council while expressing its serious concern on the ongoing volatile political situation in the Country, mainly caused due to Government moves to create hinderances in political activities just to cover its bad governance and incompetence to handle public issues, rather to add to miseries of the people in the shape of rapid increase in prices of essential commodities and utility charges. It is the matter of grave concern that the Government, claiming the support of Army, is pressurizing Political Parties by arresting their Leaders and workers before and during their public meetings, they are holding, of late, against the undemocratic pursuits of the present Government. The Pakistan Bar Council urged upon the Government and other concerned authorities to desist from creating obstacles in the democratic lawful activities of Political Parties to mobilize the people against bad governance of the Government. All the State Institutions are duty bound to remain within their defined constitutional limits which not only essential for smooth running of the Government functionaries but also for the welfare of the people and stability of the Country.