September 22, 2016

 September 22,  2016

                         Press Release

        Barrister Dr. Farogh Naseem, Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council
has expressed his serious concern on ill motivated escalation of
tension between India and Pakistan by the Indian Government in the
wake of Uri incident took place in Indian Held Kashmir, baselessly
accusing Pakistan for violating the Line of Control which in fact
is aimed at to divert the world attention from continuous human
rights violations and brutalities being committed by Indian Forces
in Indian occupied Kashmir to suppress the movement of Kashmiris
who are struggling for their right of independence through
Plebecite as promised to them vide UN Resolutions. He has strongly
condemned the uncalled for threats of Indian Government to create
hype of hostility against Pakistan and to create war like
situation, just to camouflage the uprising in the Indian held
Kashmir for the right of self-determination. He recalled that
Pakistan has always tried to resolve all the contentious issues
specially the Kashmir Problem with India, in peaceful manner and
offered time and again, for bilateral negotiations for that
purpose which the Indian Government has kept on refusing.

        He, therefore, expressing resolve of the legal fraternity of
Pakistan for peaceful resolution of all disputes including Kashmir
Problem through bilateral negotiations, warned that any military
adventure by Indian Government against Pakistan will be met with
full force by the Armed Forces of Pakistan who are fully prepared
to repel any foreign aggression. He thus has cautioned that India
must refrain from any such adventure which no doubt will
destabilize the regional peace. However, in case of any foreign
aggression against Pakistan the legal fraternity shall stand by
the Armed Forces of Pakistan to lend them full support for
repelling any Indian aggression to defend the homeland.