October 26, 2017


Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Bhoon, Vice-Chairman and Mr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman Ch.,
Chairman, Executive Committee, Pakistan Bar Council have highly
appreciated decision of the Parliamentary Committee on appointment of
Judges, by not endorsing recommendations of the Judicial Commission of
Pakistan while giving due regard to apprehensions earlier expressed by the
Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council. They are particularly appreciative of
the Parliamentary Committee for its having referred the matter back to the
Judicial Commission asking the latter to review their earlier
recommendations and co-share with the Committee, the reasons for not
recommending extention or confirmation of seven dropped additional Judges.
As the decision of Parliamentary Committee is in line with the views of
legal fraternity, the Pakistan Bar Council feel indebted to them , they

The Vice-Chairman and Chairman, Executive Committee of Pakistan Bar
Council also deplored that the significant constitutional role of the
Parliamentary Committee has been undermined and belittled by the Supreme
Court through its Judgement which needs to be reviewed. They have,
therefore, convened a joint meeting of representatives of all the Bar
Councils on 01-11-2017 at Islamabad, for considering the matter of
functioning of the Judicial Commission of Pakistan and filing of a
Petition in the Supreme Court for review of its verdict given in Munir
Hussain Bhatti’s case.