October 12 , 2017

October 12 ,  2017

                                PRESS RELEASE

     Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Bhoon, Vice-Chairman and Mr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman
Chaudhry, Chairman, Executive Committee of the Pakistan Bar Council
have expressed their grave concern and disapproval on today’s
proceedings of the Judicial Commission of Pakistan which met here to
consider the matter of confirmation of 14 Additional Judges of the
Lahore High Court when the views and recommendations of
representatives of the Bar were altogether ignored and contrary to
that the decisions as to dropage and/or extension of Judges have been
made disregarding the consideration of merit and competence rather
the decision taken by the Judicial Commission of Pakistan,
unfortunately reflects favoritism and nepotism. They have deplored
that the Chief Justice of Lahore High Court advanced his views and
recommendations during proceedings of the meeting entirely different
to his written proposals he had earlier communicated to the

     The Vice-Chairman and Chairman, Executive Committee of the Pakistan
Bar Council said that the Judicial Commission of Pakistan was
established with very high hopes of appointing Judges to Superior
Courts  purely on merit and competency to enhance prestige of the
Judiciary but, of late, it has been observed that the very object of
creation of the Judicial Commission of Pakistan has been defeated as
it has utterly failed to ensure appointments of really competent,
honest and upright Judges and thus has shaken the confidence of
people in the system of dispensation of justice. It is a matter of
disappointment that the Judicial Commission of Pakistan has become a
consortium of Judges having majority in decision making and so is
acting according to their wishes to accommodate their nears and
dears, thus compromising the transparent and judicious process of
appointment of Judges, they added.

     They particularly were critical about failure of the Judicial
Commission to consider and adopt recommendations of the Pakistan Bar
Council for amendments in the Judicial Commission of Rules, 2010,
which were proposed by the Council way back in 2014, for enhancing
the role of the representatives of the Bar in the process of
appointment of Judges as the Pakistan Bar Council remained constantly
conscious that ineffective role of the Bar in decision making of the
Judicial Commission, has deliberately been minimized in the present
Rules. The Pakistan Bar Council in consultation with other Bar
Councils will, therefore, consider as to how they will deal with the

                                        (Muhammad Arshed)