August 04, 2017

August   04, 2017



Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Bhoon, Vice-Chairman and Mr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman, Chairman, Executive Committee, Pakistan Bar Council have expressed their utmost concern on the campaign of vilification against the Judiciary specially the Supreme Court of Pakistan, ever since of its historic Judgment in Panama Leaks case, against the then Prime Minister of Pakistan and his close family members wherein they were accused of huge money laundering and having bought properties in foreign Countries worth of Billion of Dollars and Pounds.


They particularly deprecated the recent statements of some individuals, not only targeting the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the highest Constitutional Court of the Country, which is generally acclaimed of having demonstrated, in the recent past, its independence by giving Judgments and verdicts in many important cases but also tried to malign another very important institution of Armed Forces which always performed exemplary role for defending the homeland against foreign aggressions and maintaining law and order situation in the Country and defeating the menace of terrorism.


The calculated and motivated move and onslaughts by individuals, having vested interest, at the behest of the ruling party, aiming at to support ill deeds of its leader, culminated in amassing ill-gotten money of Billion of Rupees over the period 35 years of their being in power, at the cost of prestige of most important institution of the Country, is highly deplorable to say the least, they added.


While deprecating the campaign of vilification having been launched at the behest of the ruling party they said that the whole legal fraternity is unanimous in hailing the historic verdict of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan, given for the first time in the history of Pakistan against the sitting Prime Minister. They further said that any move to undermine the prestige and dignity of the Supreme Court and the Armed Forces, will be resisted with full force and the legal fraternity will not hesitate to go to any extent to protect the Judiciary of Pakistan which is last hope of the Pakistani nation.


(Muhammad Arshed)