Mr. Kamran Murtaza, Vice-Chairman, Mr. Ghulam Shabbir Shar, Chairman,
Executive Committee and Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Bhoon & Mr. Azam Nazeer Tarar,
Members of the Pakistan Bar Council, have strongly condemned the brutal
murder of Mr. Justice ® Chaudhry Mehmood Akhtar, Former Judge of the
Lahore High Court, Lahore, near Jatli while he was going back to his home
town Chakwal after conducting his cases in the Lahore High Court
(Rawalpindi Bench), Rawalpindi. The most unfortunate incident of his day
light assassination and that too on the busy Road speaks a lot about
worsening law and order situation in the Country and utter failure of the
Government and law enforcement agencies to provide safety and security of
lives to the Citizens.

        While strongly condemning the heinous incident of brutal murder of Mr.
Justice ® Chaudhry Mehmood Akhtar, they demanded of the Government to
take immediate steps for improvement of the deteriorating law and order
situation for ensuring safety and security to Citizens and immediate
arrest of the culprits and to bring them to book for awarding exemplary
punishment under the law.

                                              (Muhammad Arshed)