Taking strong exception to motivated move of the Ruling Party with regard to Reference against  an Honorable Judge of the Supreme Court initially filed and then taken away by the Secretary of the Speaker, National Assembly aiming to pressurize the Judiciary,  Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Bhoon, Vice Chairman and Ch. Hafeez ur Rehman, Chairman, Executive Committee of Pakistan Bar Council, have warned all those behind the ill advised move to refrain from resorting to target Judiciary in an attempt to frustrate the possible outcome of criminal cases being initiated by NAB Courts.

It is highly condemnable that the ousted Prime Minister, his Children and close family Members instead of facing trial in NAB Courts in respect of criminal cases of money laundering against them, have started through their cronies, taking illegal tactics to pressurize the Judiciary and NAB Courts to sabotage the process of accountability initiated against them as a result of historic Judgment of the Supreme Court in Panama Leaks case against them.

The Vice Chairman and Chairman, Executive Committee of the apex Bar Body have announced making it clear that any move to pressurize the Honorable Judges and the Judiciary as an Institution, being amounting to hindrance in the process of dispensation of justice, will be opposed by the legal fraternity with full force to ensure the majesty of Rule of Law and Independence of Judiciary.


(Muhammad Arshed)


Pakistan Bar Council