P R E S S    R E L E A S E

Syed Amjad Shah, Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council has expressed deep
sense of grief and sorrow on the sad demise of Brig (R) Asad Munir who
allegedly has committed suicide after being depressed and frustrated on
account of initiation of investigation against him by the NAB authorities
on the chargrs of misuse of authority.

While strongly condemning the very unfortunate incident, he also severely
criticized irrational and witch-hunt approach of officials of NAB to
arrest people even before any reasonable pre-arrest investigation and
without presence of solid evidence. The NAB officials deplorably often
become overzealous in pursuing frivolous complaints based on hearsay
allegations to harras the innocent people and to treat them guilty even
before completion of some credible investigation which undermines the
basic principle that “one is innocent unless proven guilty”.

He, therefore, demanded of the Chairman, NAB to look into the matter and
order thorough inquiry of the unfortunate incident of the death of Brig.
(R) Asad Munir, ensuring also reformation of the process of investigation
of cases against individuals in NAB cases.