Condemnation of two attacks in the Mosques
                              at New Zealand

Syed Amjad Shah, Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council has strongly
condemned terrorists attacks on two Mosques in New Zealnad in which at
least 50 worshippers were killed and many others were seriously injured.

He expressed his grief and shock over this henious incident and expressed
condolences for the victims and termed this act of terrorism against the
Muslims and their place of worship. He said that terrorism has no
boundaries and we all need to stay together to overcome this global issue
of terrorism. He further said that the extremism and intolerance is
destroying the healthy human development in the World and appealed all the
 peace loving people of the World to raise voice against such extremism
and to create a culture of tolerance in the world.

He demanded severest action against the culprits for committing this act
which not only has caused heart burning of the Muslims world over but
would also advance and promote terrorism and religious hatred.

He has, further, demanded that the World leaders must together to take
quick measures for the peace of the World and to combat all forms of
terrorism They should evolve practical strategy and plan to eliminate
causes of terrorism. He emphasized the need of unified efforts and
practical steps by the world to ensure that such evil acts may not be
repeated otherwise such like incident may destroy peace of the World.