April    01,   2019

                           PRESS RELEASE

                          THE 4TH APRIL, 2019

As decided in the “All Pakistan Lawyers Representatives Convention” held
on 26-03-2019 at Lahore, under auspicious of the Punjab Bar Council and
the Lahore High Court Bar Association, Lahore, Syed Amjad Shah,
Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council, has requested the Lawyers to observe
FULL DAY STRIKE throughout the Country on Thursday, the 4th April, 2019 to
protest against the decision of the National Judicial Policy Making
Committee (NJPMC) in respect of Sections 22A and 22B of the Criminal
Procedure Code (Cr.P.C.) regarding entertainment of applications for
registration of FIR and establishment of Model Courts.

The Vice-Chairman, Pakistan Bar Council is of the view that since the
demands and proposals of the Bar in that regard, discussed with his
Lordship the Hon’ble Chief Justice/Chairman, NJPMC on 28-03-2019 at
Islamabad, were promised to be considered by the NJPMC in its meeting,
which was to be convened at the earliest but since no meeting of the said
Committee has so far been convened for consideration of the said
proposals, the members of the Bar are continuously expressing their
resentment, hence the Lawyers will observe Strike on 04-04-2019 to impress
upon the NJPMC for acceptance of their demands for restoration of the
previous position in respect of Sections 22A and 22B Cr.P.C. and reversal
of establishment of Model Courts.